The Association of Cretan Olive Municipalities (ACOM) constitutes a non-profit inter-municipal entity of the private sector. It was established by a series of founding procedures during the year 2000 and is governed by a statute approved by the authority of the Greek Justice System.

Based on unanimous legal resolutions of their Municipal Councils, ACOM is comprised of 60 Olive Municipalities of Crete. Parallel to this, it cooperates with many other entities of the island, such as Prefectures, Local Unions of Municipalities and Communities (LUMC), Agricultural Cooperative Unions, Chambers, Institutions etc.

The Administrative Council of ACOM consists of 9 Mayors from all four prefectures of Crete. This council is elected for a term of four years during the general assembly of ACOM.

ACOM headquarters are based in the LUMC of Rethymnon prefecture and has branch offices in the LUMC of the other prefectures of Crete (Chania, Heraklion, and Lasithi)