Ancient Greeks

Hippocrates, the
father of medicine

Ancient Greeks believed that Virgin Olive Oil is beneficial to human health and recommended it for afflictions such as:


Dermatological problems

Lacerations and burns

Gynecological diseases

Inducement of vomit

Ear infections

Birth control

* According to the code established by the father of medicine, Hippocrates, olive oil was held to be beneficial for over 60 therapeutic uses.

Modern Medicine

Today, the modern medicine confirms that Virgin Olive oil is beneficial for one's health and its consumption is recommended for many instances such as:

Cardio - circulatory illnesses

Prevention of breast cancer

Prevention of prostate cancer

Control of stomach ulcer

Control of diabetes

Sexual impotence

Diet for children and athletes

Diet for the aged

The Secret Of Cretan Longevity

Anzel Keys' renowned study of seven countries, which was published in 1980, revealed that the health level of Cretans was the highest in the world. Cancers and cardio-circulatory disease were rare, since out of 100.000 people on Crete, there were only 9 deaths attributed to these diseases as opposed to 466 in Finland. It was further proven that this was largely due to the dietary habits of the Cretan people, whose basic ingredient is olive oil.

This, therefore, is
the secret of longevity
amongst Cretans!!