The main activities of ACOM involve:

1. Planing and execution of developmental infrastructures towards the improvement of productivity, quality and production cost conditions.
2. Elaboration of proposals for the improvement and better exploitation of the measures of National and European olive policies.
3. Studies and proposals for measures and operations concerning irrigation, plant protection, labor sufficiency, weather and social problems etc..
4. Production of printed and electronic Informative material as prospectus, CD, video films, etc.
5. Planing and implementation of informative activities for the Greek and Foreign tourists in Crete.
6. Edition of a monthly informative review
7. Organization of competitions for quality, packaging and promotion.
8. Organization and operation of an information site for growers and consumers.
9. Organization of an informative weekly Radio broadcast.
10. Participation in international and national exhibitions for olive oil or other agricultural products.
11. Establishment of museum exhibition centers "oleothecas" for the promotion of the healthy, nutritional and cultural value of Cretan olive oil.
12. Establishment of a network of accredited restaurants of exclusive olive oil use.
13. Organization of Symposia , Seminar, Courses for olive oil promotion.
14. Plastic arts competitions for olive subjects.